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Mediaking International Ltd is a Hong Kong based e-commerce company; we took off our in 2008 with a humble beginning. In the 5 years that followed, through our passion and perseverance, it has seen immense growth and expansion.


Video Aura / Cakra

AirBoom Pai Da Detox

AirBoom 高氧能量片救活了我的鱼
One of the fish is going to die ( up side down)
I immediately put AirBoom into it.
半个小时后,魚儿起死回生, 活起来了。
After 30 minutes, my fish become alive.
Airboom Ion Stirrer Makes Water Molecules Becomes Smaller
Breast Condition Checking
Unhealthy Breast Healthy Breast
Self Checking 1 Self Checking 2
Change of RPM after fixed on Nano Twister to fuel pipe

Before RPM3000/90Kmh

After RPM2700/90Kmh

AirBoom Monitoring on Fridge



Minimum 10% saving

- KWH saved over 14 days
- Before = 05.39kwh
- After = 04.83kwh
- SAVED = 0.56kwh
- $ saved over 14 days
- Before = 1.17
- After = 1.05
- SAVED = 0.12

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Worldwide Re-seller Wanted
Please inform that effective
1st December 2014 rate for Indonesia will be revise to N$1 - Rp3500 due to market fluctuations.

Effective 1/9/2014, our IT department will compute the incentive
closing once a month instead of twice a month now. Please note, suksess.

Effective 1/1/2014 until further notice.Refer 1 silver package in 1 period is entitle to 2 pcs Vision2020 ionized eyeMask or 1 ion necklace (white color)

AirBoom + Twister汽车节油大师

Insured sum/ 投保额:¥1,000,000
(人民币1百万/RMB 1 Million)
Policy No/ 保单号:PZA1201144030617000002



Airboom Trade Mark